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Haru to Arashi Manga cover

Haru to Arashi

High school student Tsubomi Momose has had a longtime crush on her former homeroom teacher, Kou Miyake. Although it is unlikely that her one-sided adoration will ever develop into something more substantial, she harbors a naive hope that the scarf she has knitted for Miyake might just make him look at her in a new light. However, when it becomes painfully clear that her first love will never come to fruition, she is saved from the perils of heartbreak by none other than Miyake's cousin, Fuuma Yabuki. Also Tsubomi's classmate, Fuuma comes off as a cold and distant person in contrast to his pleasant appearance. So when he comforts Tsubomi in his own odd ways and tries to lift her spirits, Tsubomi cannot help but wonder if she might have another chance at love. [Written by MAL Rewrite]
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