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Lilium Terrarium Manga cover

Lilium Terrarium

Girls are troubled by many different things. Things involving love, friends, the latest trends, etc. And this is a youthful yuri omniverse story brought to you by these very girls. (Source: Ichijinsha, translated) 1. Yurigokko 2. Yurigokko 3. Itsumo Issho nanoni 4. Ima Sugu ni Kotae ga Wakaranakutemo... 5. Love Letter 6. Mou Hitotsu, Love Letter 7. Mei-chan to Umi 8. Aki-chan to Umi 9. Mei-chan to Orei 10. Aki-chan to Orei 11. Mei-chan to Bansoukou 12. Aki-chan to Bansoukou 13. Mei-chan to Kokuhaku 14. Aki-chan to Kokuhaku 15. Mei-chan to Aki-chan 16. Natsu, Okujou nite
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