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Odoru Respawn Manga cover

Odoru Respawn

The effectively immortal Choushi Dannoura cannot die to save his life, for he miraculously reappears at the last spot he slept whenever he is mortally wounded. Ever since he made a regrettable choice to save the life of Ann Yamazaki by dying in her stead, Choushi's desire to die grows stronger. There was nothing unpredictable about his consequent revival, but what Choushi failed to foresee was Ann falling hopelessly in love with him. From keeping his past lives' corpses to carrying his heart around as a memento. Ann will go to any lengths to charm the immortal boy—even carrying a knife on her at all times, resolving to kill him herself before anyone else can. Whether he likes it or not, it is up to Choushi to respond to his obsessive admirer's antics. [Written by MAL Rewrite]
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