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Vampire Girl One Shot cover

Vampire Girl

Manami Tsuda is in love with the idea of vampires. One day, she receives an email describing the legend of an immortal vampire girl with beautiful violet eyes, and as the recipient, supposedly she will be the vampire's next victim. The idea of being bitten and remaining eternally young does nothing but excite Manami. Moments after she shares this story with her friend Anju, she is introduced to her new substitute teacher, Shishido, a gorgeous woman with striking violet eyes. With no basis for suspicion other than her eye color, Manami concludes that her teacher must be one of the undead. Her crush on Shishido grows until the day that she boldly asks to be rewarded for her improved grades. Manami wants to be taken on a date and then go home with Shishido afterwards! [Written by MAL Rewrite]
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